Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What's that text scrolling across my radio screen...?

In recent weeks, if you listen to Jacaranda FM (94.2), you would have noticed that they are now broadcasting a whole host of text information across your radio screen.
In the past, using "RDS" (Radio Data System), we only received limited information on our radio screen, such as the station name.

Jacaranda FM has now launched a trial during which your radio displays such information as Track Name, Artist Name, and other miscellaneous information such as the Station Contact details etc.

Traffic Announcements (TA) are also possible, whereby the radio detects when a traffic announcement is on, pauses your CD / other audio source temporarily, waits until the TA is complete and then resumes playing your CD.
Classic FM has actually used this technology for the past 12 years, but Jacaranda FM will now hopefully take it a bit further, and encourage other radio stations to follow suit.

So no more guessing who sings that track... Nifty stuff!


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