Wednesday, March 10, 2010

ABSA scammers are at it again...

I just received this lovely email from ABSA THEMSELVES!! YES - THIS MAIL SAYS "ABSA" ON IT SO IT MUST BE FROM ABSA!!

Guys and gals, please don't get caught here - if you do in fact click on the link in the email, you will be taken to a fake ABSA site - what actually happens is that you are viewing the real ABSA site, but VIA another dodgy site.
Which basically exposes your authentication details when you login, and voila! You are broke.

Here is a screen grab of the dodgy email:

So to prevent getting caught out, here are a few guidelines to follow if you receive an email like this, and are unsure of what to do:

- first check the senders address. In this case it is, which already sounds an alarm - no mention of ABSA anywhere;

- carefully check the wording of the email. As I mentioned previously in this post, the people who spend their miserable lives doing this kind of thing, usually have a poor grasp of the English language for some reason... While the english in this mail is not really bad, some small things in the wording can help us out - e.g. "We noticed some invalid login attempts..." sounds just a tad casual for a banking institution to use in an official email.
In addition, I would expect that any bank would rather contact customers telephonically, rather than send them an email about a security issue like this.

- if you actually end up clicking on any link in the email, take careful note of the website address that you are taken to (up in the address bar in your browser).
In this case, the link goes to: , which clearly has nothing to do with ABSA.
Rule of thumb - If it's ABSA, you would expect to go to something like . If it's FNB, you would be looking for something like and so forth for all the other banks.

When in doubt, keep a copy of the email for reference, and get hold of your branch or your account manager.
Better safe than sorry anyday.


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