Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Update on the latest ABSA scam mail...

Yup, you guessed it. I got another one in my inbox today.
I wonder if the scammers have been reading my blog, because they have changed their tactic slightly...

The latest mailer is identical to the previous one in appearance, except for one thing - the embedded hyperlink APPEARS to be legit - it appears as within the mail.
So you may be thinking - well now that link goes to so it must be safe... Wrong wrong wrong!
You can use any line of text as a link - it's the code behind the text that directs you onto the internet.
So while the hyperlink appears to say, clicking it actually takes you to - clearly dodgy.

As I said before, if you actually click the link, carefully watch where you are taken to in the address bar of your internet browser... until the scammers read this post at least... :)


  1. Hello, it was a hacked website of mine and i cleaned all ftp and send the codes and emails to rsa. I hope they will do their best and catch these scammers. I could advise all webmasters for putting hard to guess passwords.

  2. Hi Levent,

    Thanks for commenting here - why did they target you?
    Whereabouts are you based?