Monday, February 15, 2010

How to synchronize your Tissot T-Touch

The Tissot T-Touch is an awesome timepiece - the touchscreen simply blows minds wherever it goes, and the watch certainly looks the part!

Only problem is that when something goes awry with the T-Touch, not many people know that you can perform a process called "synchronizing". What this basically does is allow you to get your analog and digital sections of the watch back in sync with each other.
De-synchronization can occur due to exposure to a magnetic field, from devices such as cellphones, speakers etc.
Symptoms of de-synchronization include:

- the time being different between the analog and digital sections of the watch
- the hands of the watch no longer line up to the selected function on the dial, when selecting them using the touch screen
- compass alignment is off. e.g. the hour hand may point South, while the minute hand points East.

The synchronization is pretty simple:

- Press the center button marked "T". The watch should beep once;- Touch the center of the touch-sensitive face until 24H Cm appears in the digital LCD display;
- Press and hold the center button marked "T" for approx. 5 seconds. The watch will beep once and then again a second time, after 5 seconds have passed. The digital LCD display should now read SYNCHRO;
- Press the upper button marked "+" to move the minute hand until it is positioned exactly at 12:00;
- Press the lower button marked "-" to move the hour hand until it is also positioned exactly at 12:00;
- When both hands are aligned together and pointing directly at 12:00, press the center button marked "T" to save your settings.
- Your watch is now synchronized, so no expensive repair work is required!


  1. Thanks for the info! Just saved me a trip to the watch repairer :-)

  2. hey hey,

    Only a pleasure!
    Also saved me a trip to the local Tissot agents here in JHB, South Africa. :)

    Awesome timepiece, don't you think?

  3. Thanks for the helpful post! Hope that your page rises in the search results as it is a big help compared to most of the drivel out there! Thanks!

  4. Hey hey,

    Glad I could be of assistance!

    I stressed out initially when my T-Touch went haywire, only to be massively relieved to be able to re-sync it :)

    Sorry for the delayed reply - I have been recovering after having 4 x Wisdom teeth removed... major fun!

  5. Thank you very much!
    Really thought i damaged it after playing with a big speaker.

  6. Howdy!

    Only a pleasure - glad you got your T-Touch back to normal.

    What big speaker were you playing with - were you wearing the watch while trying to fix it or something?

    I know that magnets and watches don't mix... :)

  7. Thanks for your post and welcome to check: here

  8. Tissot has also created a support center where you will find a video, displaying how to sync your T-Touch. You can see the video by going to and clicking on the SYNCHRO image.

  9. @Tissot... Brilliant - thanks for sharing :)

  10. Fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing this!

  11. Amen , it also relieved me to make a vist to watch repair shop @ Nairobi in Kenya , thanks again. Jaydeep adhikari

  12. Thank you for the tip.

  13. This was very helpful, thank you! The manual was not helpful because it doesn't mention that you need to hold down the the T button for ~5 seconds. Thanks again.

    1. Good job! Glad the info was useful :)