Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jub Jub's dice with death...

Remember Jub Jub? He was the guy I posted about in January, after he wussed out of Survivor South Africa with an apparent groin disorder of some sort...

Well now his groin troubles are the least of his worries.
Turns out that yesterday, young Jub Jub and a friend were having a "dice" in Soweto, in their respective Mini Coopers.
In an attempt to avoid oncoming traffic, one of the Mini's hit the other one, and both cars were sent flying.
Neither driver was seriously injured, but the tragic part of this story is that 4 young schoolboys who were walking on the side of the road, lost their lives as one of the Mini's mowed them down.

3 of their friends were also seriously injured in the accident, and Jub Jub was arrested.

Read the full story on News24 here.

I know this was an accident, but it kinda gets you wondering about young Jub Jub (and his dicing friend of course) - after all his chosen charity in the current Survivor SA series turned out to be a non-existent one...

I don't usually like posting negative stuff on my blog, but I feel pretty strongly about this, as I am sure will anybody else who reads about it.


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