Monday, March 29, 2010

New Nedbank scam mail - and this one is still very active so watch out...!

Re all my ramblings recently about ABSA scam mails being sent around, it seems that no bank is off limits here - just got this Nedbank one in my Inbox a few minutes ago.
I am not going to re-hash all of the many ways to tell if this is a fake mail, or how to avoid getting caught by these losers, but be aware that the link in this mail directs to an active site, which WILL capture your login details should you take the bait.

The mail looks like this (or similar):
Keep your guard up and be very aware of this kind of thing - it seems the scammers are on a mission to catch unsuspecting people out. Always double-check any electronic banking correspondence you receive!

...and once again, a message to the scammers - please guys, get a dictionary or take some English grammar classes! :)


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