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Sunday, May 26, 2019

Looking for a free website email form processor? Try Formspree...

Web design is not my thing, mostly because the code messes with my brain too much, and my eye for good looking design is weak at best.
I therefore usually rely on clean, pre-built templates with some attributes that I can tweak or amend according to my needs.
That's all fine and good - I can end up with a reasonable looking responsive site, that renders well on desktop and mobile.

In the past though, I have had issues with my email contact forms and the processing that happens behind the scenes, once the Submit button get clicked.

Sometimes nothing happens.
Sometimes a cryptic error pops up.
Sometimes a success message pops up, but the mail submission is never delivered.
None of these are good things.

Thankfully, I recently discovered Formspree, which you can check out at https://formspree.io/


In a nutshell, all you do is point the action attribute of your form to their URL, and your form submissions will get delivered to your email address.
reCaptcha is automatically enabled as well, to stop all those nasty spam messages from flooding your precious Inbox real estate.
Their free plan requires no registration, and allows unlimited forms with a limit of 50 monthly submissions.
There are also paid plans, which you can view here.

Give it a shot - Formspree is a simple website mail form solution which is quick to implement and works really well.
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