Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Been to Venice? Better go soon before it disappears beneath the waves...!

I received these photos of Venice in my Inbox yesterday - I gather they were taken during the December 2009 spate of floods, during which water levels rose approx. 1.5m, which is pretty darn significant...

Venetians are no strangers to the "acqua alta" (high water), as the city itself is built in the middle of a lagoon, resulting in a city which is completely at the mercy of changing tides.
It is a part of Venetian life to live life around the sea - residents regularly don boots and raincoats to slosh about their daily business.

Venice authorities are currently busy working on all kinds of projects to try and keep Venice above water, including ways to keep the water at bay, as global sea levels continue to rise.

Take a look - the pics tell a better story than I ever could!

Hurry up and take the darn photo.. I'm getting wet here!
Just taking a walk here, la la la OMG TIDAL WAVE!!

Could this be Venice Harbour - sometime in the near future maybe...?
Aahh... nothing like a drink with good friends while dangling your legs in the water...

Yes Sir, we do have tables available - where would you like to be seated?

Not sure about this one... how is this guy propelling himself?
Looking for the Fresh Fish Dept.? You're standing in it :)


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