Friday, September 3, 2010

Free Antivirus solution for Microsoft Server and SBS 2003 / 2008...

One of the more common problems I have bumped into when dealing with Microsoft Server or SBS machines, is the fact that there are no well-known free anti virus programs available for these platforms.

Windows XP? Windows Vista? Windows 7?... no problem - just download Avast / AVG / NOD32 among many others, and you are good to go.

Server 2003 / 2008? SBS 2003 / 2008?... hmm slight problem - my hunting online has led to many dead ends in the past, as I searched fruitlessly for a decent antivirus package that would cost zip, nada,  nothing.

Then finally one day I stumbled across a true little gem called Clamwin - a free open-source antivirus package that seems able to deliver the goods...

Clamwin runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, Server and SBS 2003 / 2008... which is fantastic news for anybody who likes free stuff (and who doesn't?) :)

While Clamwin seems to do a great job protecting Server and Small Business Servers alike, I cannot compare it to the likes of other free antivirus software like Avast (which I swear by), purely because I have not taken the time to do so... maybe that is a topic for a future post.
Even so, it is darn useful to know that you don't have to fork out extra cash on virus protection, just because you want the functionality of a server OS.

Head on over to and grab your free software now.
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