Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Nybbles and Bytes... what does "nybble" mean anyway?

So here I am merrily posting away randomly every week, and I never stopped to think that my blog visitors might actually be wondering why the heck my site is called "Nybbles and Bytes"...

Well for starters, a "nybble", as defined by Wikipedia is "a four-bit aggregation" i.e. half a byte (in computing terms).
Nybble can also be spelt "nibble", but "nybble" is more in keeping with its' counterpart, "byte".

So with a title like "Nybbles and Bytes", my blog takes on a decidedly tech feel, which is really what started it all.
On the other hand, a "nibble" or a "bite" could be applied to pretty much anything, so my blog may also include "a nibble of this" or "a bite of that", this and that being pretty much anything interesting that I happen to come across at the time!

So there - I just taught you something you didn't know before... unless you are a computer geek :)


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