Monday, March 15, 2010

ABSA is the spammers bank of choice!

So here we go again... re my last post about fake ABSA mailers going around, here is the latest rendition, fresh from my inbox this morning:

If you read my last post, I made some recommendations about how to pick up if a banking email is fake or not... let's put this one to the test:

- it seems the scammers / spammers are trying to get clever, since they have used as the "From" address.
The presence of "absa" in the address does little to convince me though, if you care to read on;

- the wording / language usage in this one is just a shocker. Scammers, if you are reading this, go out and take some evening classes in English before you send out your next broadcast please!
Let's dissect this...:

- "...we had a major server update without prior notice...". Sorry I don't buy that. Any banking institution who is a major player will give customers a decent heads-up before any major maintenance takes place on their systems.

- "...update some informations to continue using this service..." COME ON GUYS! Update some infomations? Seriously? Is "informations" even a word? Sheesh.

- "...we are dedicated to bring you the best possible service we can and this means keeping you safe..." WTF? Really? Does it mean that?

Guys and gals you get the gist of this - there are several ways to catch these dodgies out before they can cause any harm. Go through the list of common things to look for and you should be ok.

I will keep posting any new scam mailers that I get :)
They make for some funny reading!


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