Monday, September 27, 2010

Wibiya is super cool... check out these nifty features!

I really am a sucker for cool add-ons and gadgets that make the Blogger platform so cool to work with.
Most recently I came across the Wibiya toolbar, which is a seriously useful add-on to any blog, in my humble opinion.
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To see the toolbar in action, have a look at the bottom of this page - you should see a toolbar hovering there, locked to the bottom frame as you scroll up or down.
Now there are some useful tools to be found in the Wibiya arsenal, for example:

- realtime stats of visitors to Nybbles and Bytes, including an interactive world map pinpointing each visitor's location on our very own planet Earth;
- a translator, in case I suddenly decide to write all of my copy in Swahili... not that I can actually speak or write in Swahili... ;);
- a quick shortcut to a list of the most recent posts on Nybbles and Bytes, including a thumbnail of each post where relevant;
- a quick shortcut to share the current post with the most common social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc.;
- a quick shortcut to Tweet directly from Nybbles and Bytes - no need to leave my blog while you happily Tweet away :);
- a quick shortcut to "Like" Nybbles and Bytes, using the by now familiar Facebook thumbs-up icon;
- a quick shortcut to subscribe to my RSS feed;
- shortcuts to the Nybbles and Bytes pages on both Facebook and Twitter;
- a live chat room, built right into the toolbar... how cool is that?;
- live messages (pop-ups), allowing me as the blog administrator to communicate any updates or info to my visitors, in realtime.

Sheweee, what a mouthful!
Honestly, I don't know when last I was able to get so much for free!

Got your own blog or site? I suggest you head on over to right about now and grab your free toolbar, before they change their minds and start charging for the thing!
As if that isn't enough, there are heaps of other applications you can add onto your very own Wibiya toolbar - it is seriously powerful stuff.

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