Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Parvati is sole Survivor... your thoughts?

So after another exciting Survivor season, this time in Micronesia, Parvati Shallow finally emerged as the victor and ultimate survivor.
"OMG I WON!" The look says it all...

Even though I really thought that Amanda had it in the ba
g, Parvati edged her out in the end, and if I was wearing a hat right now, I would most definitely take it off to Parvati and all the contestants who endured this decidely injury-prone season of what is still an amazing show.

For some reason I simply do not tire of Survivor. 
Season after season of Jeff's famous uttering - "The tribe has spoken" just never gets old for me!
Jeff Probst flashes his signature "The Tribe has Spoken" grin...

It is also interesting to note just how far behind we are in terms of seasons - the finale last night spoke of the upcoming Survivor season in Gabon, which promises to be a killer in its' own right.

Truth is, we are currently 5 seasons behind the USA!
Subsequent to Gabon, Survivor has been filmed in 3 other global locations, with another season currently on the go in Nicaragua.
What's more, a 22nd Season is already being planned for 2011. 
I think if I were to visit the USA at some point, I would plan my trip to coincide with the next Survivor Finale in New York City!
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