Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cellphone charging stations in shopping malls - a really smart idea!

I was walking thru Eastgate recently and I came across a machine that looks like one of those fortune telling machines that you put your finger on...
Thankfully this was not one of those machines, but rather a small stroke of genius, in the form of a machine that you can charge your cellphone with.

Check it out:

Seriously, how many times have you had to make that one important call, or read that one SMS that you saved so long ago but need to read right now... and your phone dies.
AAAARRRRGHHH!! - this is the best possible way to describe the frustration of such a situation... which is exactly why this is such a clever idea!

I saw 2 of these machines in different locations in the mall (one next to the Cell C shop, and one next to the Birthdays shop) - you pay R5 and you get 15 minutes of charging time.
Worried that the charger may not fit your phone model? 
Fear not - the mighty cellphone charging station has got it covered, with approx. 18 different types of adapter to fit just about any cellphone out there today:

Never again will you have to be stranded without the lifeline that is your cellphone... just make sure you are in a mall somewhere :)
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