Saturday, September 18, 2010

Can you get by without your cellphone...?

Right now I can already hear the resounding response to the title of this post... "NO!" will most likely be the most popular answer :)

It is pretty ironic then, that I am typing this up on my trusty Nokia N97 - a device which I am more or less glued to most of the time.

I went out to the shops this week and halfway there I noticed something amiss... OMG I LEFT MY CELLPHONE BEHIND!!
I managed to suck it up though, and I made it through my entire excursion minus my cellphone.

What an amazing feat... Or is it?
Fact is, humans were getting on with their daily business just fine, long before anybody could even begin to imagine such an alien thing as a cellphone...

I'm not even talking about recent times.
I mean how the heck did the Romans build such an incredible empire without cellphones?
How did any of the incredible civilizations of times gone by, manage to achieve their greatness without the kind of technology we have at our disposal today?

Nobody really knows - I am sure conspiracy theorists would love to jump on this one with crazy fanciful claims of as yet undiscovered technologies, that may or may not have existed back then.

In any case, the bottom line is that people have long survived without cellphones.
So why is it such an inconceivable thing to go anywhere without one?
Why do we break into a panic if we realise that we are without them?

I suppose the political climate in South Africa is one reason - we all want to know where our loved ones are and that they are safe.
I totally get that and am very thankful that cellphones allow us to stay connected in this way.

Even so, maybe just for your own interest - next time you go out somewhere, try doing it without your cellphone on you.
Only then will you begin to realise how many times you automatically try to check your phone for missed calls, messages, emails and so on.

Go on - try it... I dare you!



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