Friday, September 3, 2010

How much smaller can the iPod Shuffle get?

The new iPod Shuffle is here, and while I have my own personal digs at Apple here and there, I must say that it looks pretty darn impressive.

Take a peek at Apple CEO Steve Jobs presenting the product here:

I was fortunate enough to be the proud owner of a first-generation iPod Shuffle, and this little thing still rocks.
As the iPod Shuffle progressed though, it eventually lost the navigation / volume button on the front - turns out that people really liked that big round button... which is why it has now returned on the new iPod Shuffle.
...and now
Clip this baby onto your jacket and you have 15 hours of music play time on tap - all from a tiny square little gadget... seriously it is crazy small!

Truly an amazing little piece of electronic engineering.
Want all the tech specs? Click here to go to Apple's homepage for the device.


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