Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What is up with the internet at the moment?

So all hell broke loose yesterday as regards internet connectivity in our country - officially, a repeater on the SEACOM cable that runs up the East African coastline went down.

In short, this sent a number of ISP's down as ADSL connections coutrywide started dropping like flies...
Well, they didn't actually drop - they remained connected but sporadically so.
In some cases, browsing was a no-no but mail was working fine - so it would seem to be affecting specific ports on ADSL connections.

Last I heard, we can expect to wait from 6-8 days until the fault is fully repaired.
Much customer grumbling can be heard when a 6-8 day repair time is offered by a provider, however it must be noted that such a repair involves locating the fault physically, bringing the faulty portion up to the surface, repairing it and then re-laying it on the seabed.
Not an easy fix by any means.

SEACOM - I wish you loads of luck!


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