Monday, July 12, 2010

Cosma - this man could make some kick-ass music...

I have updated my Cool Links section with a link to the site of the late, great Avihen Livne (a.k.a. Cosma).
If you are into Psytrance or Goa Trance music, then you will know who Cosma was - a true genius of the genre in my opinion.

In all the time I have been a follower of trance music, I have yet to come across someone who can structure tracks as cleverly as did Cosma - each track being a stroke of genius and an awesome trip from beginning to end.

In case you were wondering, I keep referring to Cosma in the past tense, because he unfortunately passed away in a motorbike accident while holidaying in Goa, India in 2003. RIP.
His work will not be forgotten and will likely be the inspiration for many future artists of the genre.

Want to get a feel for his music? Click here for some video search results of his work, or click on one of the Amazon links below to download .
These are a few of my personal Cosma favourites:
- Land of Freedom
- We are the Same
- The Moon is a God
- People on Hold
- Unidentified Forms of Sound (VS. Domestic)



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