Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What exactly is Nybbles and Bytes all about...?

I sometimes find myself wondering what exactly my blog is all about, as I read through my list of archived posts.

When I set out to start my blog, Nybbles and Bytes was intended as an IT-related repository of troubleshooting information and the occasional deal on computer hardware.
Blogging about technical stuff all day gets a bit boring though and can be quite a bit of brain strain, which led me onto other subjects and topics - namely stuff that I find interesting personally.

Also, blogging about a limited topic such as IT appeals to a limited audience - i.e. computer geeks and enthusiasts, and so my blog would then attract interest from only this type of internet user.

So looking back, my focus has definitely shifted from being all about IT, to topics such as Photography, World news / events, Humourous emails, South African Good News, Technology & Gadgets and a bit of Science and Earth Geography here and there... quite a far cry from my original intention and yet so much better!

What kind of stuff would you like to see posted on Nybbles and Bytes in future...?


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