Thursday, April 22, 2010

Survivor SA draws to a close, and Gigi takes it!

I must say that I was seriously impressed with last night's Survivor SA finale - it felt so good to get into the Survivor vibe and know that we have our very own "Jeff Probst" in Nico Panagio :)
I thought he did a fantastic job as the host of the show, without trying too hard to follow in the footsteps of the the CBS version of Survivor.

In any case, Gigi took the honours at the end and walked away as the ultimate survivor.

While I wish her well and congrats and all that, I though that Ashley was the more deserving of the 2 finalists - it goes without saying that she played a fantastic game, while Gigi flew under the radar most of the time.
I would also guess that if the votes had been re-cast at the live show (after all the contestants had cooled off!), the outcome would have been a rather different one.

Fact is, it was a great season of Survivor SA and I trust that it will set the standard for future productions of the show.

What did you think of the series?


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