Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nybbles and Bytes e-store gets facelifted... slightly.

I started up an e-store last year, powered by Amazon and offering a range of products from Amazon's huge variety of techno-geek type merchandise.

Honestly it hasn't done very much, but I decided to head on over to Amazon Affiliates anyway, and change the layout of my e-store page a bit.
Give it a haircut, short back and sides, maybe trim the moustache a bit (can a website have a moustache?)
That kind of thing.

So without any further ado, I present a much oranger looking Nybbles and Bytes e-store :)
Not much has changed... it's just a lot oranger.

So head on over and order something online now - I have crammed in all the IT / Technology / Geek / TV etc, categories that I could possibly fit into one galaxy.

- Want MP3's? Not a problem - buy them at the Nybbles and Bytes e-store.
- How about that Wii console you have been oohing and aahing about. Stop procrastinating and get it at the Nybbles and Bytes e-store :)
- Maybe you have been out of touch and still need to get yourself an iPod... yup you guessed it. Nybbles and Bytes e-store is the place.
- Need to catch that action shot at the FIFA Soccer World Cup Final in June? Better head on over to the Nybbles and Bytes e-store and pick up a great deal on a camera!

Ok you get the idea. I will stop now :)


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