Thursday, February 18, 2010

Alien Landscapes on Planet Earth... incredible photography by Martin Rietze

I am no photographer, that's for sure.
At best I may get an accidental shot that looks kinda ok, or I might have success by catching a bolt of lighting in a long exposure shot, but a photographer I am certainly not.

More's the pity - I wish I had a knack for picking out that exact moment in time, that particular angle of an object, or that rare and fleeting coming together of elements to make up a magnificent photo.
Thankfully there are real photographers out there who go about their day doing just that - waiting for the perfect shot.

One such photographer is Martin Rietze, who has a specific love of landscapes that look like they don't actually belong anywhere on our humble little blue planet Earth.

Take a peek and be amazed... and bear in mind that these 'aint "Photoshopped"...!:

Looks like something created in Bryce3D

Lightning INSIDE a volcano ash cloud..? Seriously..?

Northern Lights over Iceland

Sulphur "Lava"... this is just downright freaky stuff!

The photos above should serve to whet your appetite - now head on over to Martin Rietze's official website for tons more Earth eye-candy.


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