Thursday, February 18, 2010

Download Tunewiki now for your Nokia, iPhone, Blackberry or PC... FREE of course!

Wiki what?
Wiki is the buzzword on the net right now - everything has a wiki in it somewhere - Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikihow, Wikiquote, Wikisource... man the list just goes on and on and on...

So why not get the latest wiki for your phone right now - it's called Tunewiki and it is one awesome audio and lyrics application.

Tunewiki is a "social media player" for cellphones and handheld devices. In plain English, you can connect to huge amounts of online streaming audio or play your own audio directly from your phone, and then connect to social media networks to share your listening experiences and hear from other online users about theirs.

Tunewiki also goes online and finds the lyrics of the current track, and displays them onscreen live, verse by verse as the song plays.
Seriously nifty!

Get it here for FREE!

p.s. ever wondered what "wiki" actually means?
It happens to be a Hawaiian word meaning "fast".
Quite apt I would say!