Friday, February 5, 2010

KFC has the worst taglines in their adverts...

Maybe it's just me, and I am in no way an advertising buff, but I cringe everytime a KFC ad flights on TV nowadays.

Here's the thing. There could be a million (maybe more) different ways to promote something like the KFC Twister® on national television:

1. Being a fast food product, I would think that maybe KFC would want potential customers to see just how amazingly good the Twister® tastes (I assume... I have never eaten one). Food = something you eat and taste, so taste and flavour would top my list of product selling points.

2. Maybe price comes into to it as well - let customers know how affordable the Twister® is compared to some other fast food chain's offering. Good value for money and all that.

3. How about the nutritional value of the product... ok this may or may not be applicable to the Twister®, but customers may want to know that the Twister® has less calories than some other fast food, or maybe it has a low GI value, or maybe KFC only use organically grown ingredients / organically farmed chickens in the product. Who knows - there must be something they could use as a positive in terms of how healthy the product is... I think. :)

So with the above in mind, how on earth did KFC come up with the tagline for the Twister®, as illustrated in this short summary of one of their current ads...?:

A girl walks down a corridor, eating a KFC Twister®. A guy follows her. She glances nervously over her shoulder and ducks into an alley, then kicks the unsuspecting guy in the crotch as he approaches. She does this because she thinks the guy wants to mug her.
Instead, the (now mute and sterile) guy produces her wallet which she dropped, and he is returning it to her.

"At least your KFC Twister® won't make a mess of things!"...

What?? So if I go and buy a KFC Twister®, it won't make a mess of things?
Can someone please explain...? Surely the creative people at KFC could have come up with something a bit more relevant to food, than "making a mess of things"...?

The only logical thing I can think they are trying to say, is that the foil / plastic / paper packaging is somehow incredibly strong and impervious to any kind of splitting, spillage, breakage or leaking. Hence the reference to "making a mess of things".
Who knows.

I won't even get started on the "inspiration" centered KFC ads that are currently flighting...
To their credit, and so that KFC don't totally hate me when they read this, the Twister® does look pretty yummy in this pic:

I just hope it won't make a mess of things if I go out and get one...


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