Monday, February 25, 2013

Which phone should I upgrade to?

It's almost that time again - when my cellular network cleverly gets me to sign up for another 2 year contract with them, by offering me a "free" upgrade to my existing cellular device.
That's right folks, Cell C are giving me a free new phone... not!

Anyway, I thought I would put it out there and get some suggestions on what my next handset should be.
Here's my cellular device history thus far, right from the very beginning... my very first Ericsson GA318...:

- Ericsson GA318
- Ericsson T10s
- Motorola Timeport T250
- Sagem MyX-5
- Sagem MyX-7
- Nokia 6100
- Nokia N80
- Nokia N95
- Nokia N97
- Nokia E7

So no prizes for guessing which brand I am most likely going with for my next phone... :)
Things are heating up in the smartphone arena though, and right now there are so many players out there, all manufacturing spectacular devices.
A few that spring to mind are:

- Nokia Lumia 920 - Nokia's make or break flagship Windows device, after their departure from the long-standing Symbian OS.
So far it has received rave reviews all over the web... (pardon my bias - I have supported Nokia for so many years... :)
- Samsung Galaxy S3 - Samsung's hardware powerhouse, running Android and equipped with everything but intercontinental missiles... perhaps we will see those on the Galaxy S4...(which, incidentally launches in less than a month... what else will that bring I wonder?)
- Apple iPhone 5 - A strong contender by any account. Some feel that the evolutionary development of the 5 over the 4s has dropped Apple behind in the innovation stakes, yet this handset continues to garner steadfast support from Apple fans worldwide.

- Blackberry Z10 - Although Blackberry has been on a general decline in recent years, the Z10 packs in everything that Blackberry fans have asked for in the past. Featuring hardware that matches up to or exceeds current trends, can the Z10 pull Blackberry back from the brink?
Worth considering, I think...

Then there's HTC, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and others, all with their own unique spin on cutting edge smartphone technology.
It's a tough choice, and obviously my Nokia run has got me slightly biased in the direction of the Finns, but I still have a month or 2 to go, and in that time a lot can happen in the smartphone world.
So what should I get folks?
What would you get as your next smartphone upgrade?
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