Saturday, February 23, 2013

Martin Solveig - The Night Out: Awesome track & awesome video...

Nowadays every Tom, Dick and Henri seems to think that they can sit behind a computer and churn out "musical" drivel that often (unfortunately) ends up on the charts, even though it required about as much imagination and creativity as I have inside one of my armpit hairs... and that 'aint a lot.

Let me not start a full out /rant about some of these modern day electronic artists, but it is really rare to come across someone who can create a decent track, in a climate currently filled with a maelstrom of musical mayhem...

Decent music is one aspect - the image and attitude that the artist portrays is another important one that stands out for me.
A commonly found image among electronic artists today is one of being too damn cool for school, with heads about as huge as boulders on their little shoulders.
It's as if being able to tell a computer program to make their music for them just transformed them into the Bruce Lee of the musical world, even though you usually never hear them sing or play an instrument in any of their tracks...

With all that out of the way, French DJ Martin Solveig simply rocks.
He's the guy who created the 2010 hit "Hello", in collaboration with Canadian act Dragonette (you will know it when you hear it, trust me).
The guy makes decent music. He can sing. He pokes fun at himself. His music videos are awesome, and funny to boot.
He often wears a silly headband, but somehow manages to pull it off like you or I simply never could.

His music video for "The Night Out" plays out on the streets of Paris, where he shares a date night with his girl as they cruise the streets on a scooter, go for a spot of clubbing, and finally see in the sunrise while enjoying breakfast on a river boat (all under the watchful eye of the seriously funny-looking guy steering the boat :)).

Very cool - see if you agree...:

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