Friday, February 22, 2013

To all those confused people out there, THIS is what a biscuit looks like...

South Africa is known for its unique slang and sayings that only we locals will ever understand.
I won't even start to go into them here - there are countless other sites and blogs that deal with the subject in more detail.

One of the ones that I hear a lot of late, has to do with this humble piece of food:

Yes folks, it's a biscuit.

See those crumbs?
Note how it has been baked in an oven?
It's an edible and probably rather tasty baked good.

Usage (or abusage, if that's a word) of the humble biscuit, goes along the following lines:

- Graeme Smith smacks a six during an innings: A common response to this might be a fan shouting: "Graeme you biscuit!!!"

- Friday arrives...: Someone who has had a torrid week might be tempted to exclaim: "Friday you biscuit!!!" 

Neither the captain of the South African cricket team, nor the last day of the workweek resemble a biscuit, at least not as far my eyes can see.

So there we have it - next time you want to compliment somebody or something that you like - remember the image above.
Then compare your object of affection with this image, and decide if you should be calling said object of affection, a "biscuit"...

Unless of course, you are opening a pack of delicious Tim Tams or something similar...
Then by all means, use the "you biscuit" compliment to your hearts delight :)

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