Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Woolies vs. Frankie's... do they really look so much alike?

I thought I would jump onto this bandwagon right about now, given the amount of attention that the subject is getting.
Hey, it will do my visitor stats good at the very least :)

What I will not do, is go into the finer details of who copied what, and how they may or may not have done the same thing in the past.
In any case, this whole subject has been totally hashed to death in the short time since it all took to the social network airwaves.
Maybe Woolies are the "big bad corporate", and maybe Frankie's are the "little guy", but it is still quite interesting to see just how the general public have responded to it all, especially since Woolworths is such a well-known, well-loved, high quality brand in South Africa.

In addition, I have to wonder how much free airtime and marketing the Frankie's brand has received, as a result of this little ruckus...?

Back to my original question... which has to do with the similarities between the 2 products.
Firstly, here they are - the 2 contenders in question - click to enlarge, and take a close look at both product ranges:
I am no designer, but in the words of several posts I have read online from other graphically-gifted humans, the 2 designs are in fact totally dissimilar.
Sure, the wording may be similar in places (e.g. "fiery"), but to my ordinary eye, these 2 products look entirely different.
I would certainly not be "duped" into thinking that the Woolworths product is in fact the Frankie's product...

Ever noticed how similarly shaped some beer bottles are? Even the caps on top are the same!!
What about soft drinks? Them too? No way - could they be copying each other???
Of course not for flip sakes - it's how they all look dammit.

The only similar things in the picture above are the clear Cream Soda bottles (oops... might get in trouble for saying "Cream Soda"... twice :), and the word "fiery"... oh and the fact that all the bottles contain a carbonated beverage.

It's business. Get over it people.
Or if you really can't, then just stop shopping at Woolies.


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