Friday, December 9, 2011

Ditching Facebook and waiting for something to happen on Google+...

A few years ago, I deleted my Facebook. It was a bold move, but I haven’t once regretted it. 
Ok, I regret it occasionally when I forget someone’s birthday because I don’t have Facebook to remind me anymore. But the occasions in which I miss Facebook are rare. 
I first created a Facebook account in 2006, the year I started college and used an HP coupon for a new HP computer
Back then, I felt excited about technology and the burgeoning online social networking scene. 
Little did I know that what happened on Facebook would stay on Facebook…forever.

My college Facebook photos and goings-on became the property of Mark Zuckerberg. When I graduated from college in 2009 and started to look for a professional job, my concerns about privacy outweighed my desire to write on the Facebook walls of my friends and upload photos of my fun times. 
This year, when I received an invitation to Google+, I was excited. 
Google+ seemed like a new, better way for me to connect with my friends. And since I’m smarter about social networking sites now, I could make sure that everything posted by me and about me was appropriate and kept as private as the Google+ settings would allow.

So, I got a Google+ in July, added some people to my circles, and waited. A few of my friends began to post links to articles and videos they liked. Some people added photos of themselves and their friends. But it seemed like nobody really knew what to do with their Google+ accounts. 
As months passed, fewer and fewer people posted things on Google+. The whole site started to seem like a ghost town after a while. 
In fact, it would have been pretty entertaining if Google had added some tumbleweed animation to the Google+ main page. 

I’ve had a Google+ account for around five months now. I’m still waiting for something big to happen, and I’m still longing for Google+ to add some kind of wall feature. Commenting on streams and using the Google+ chat feature just can’t compare to Facebook’s wall. 
Recently, Google opened up the social networking site to everyone. So, it’s not invitation only anymore. Hopefully doing so will attract more people to the site, and things will become a little livelier. 

Until then, I’ll keep checking the site periodically to see if anything has happened yet...

Article written by Logan B from the Blog Content Guild.


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