Saturday, May 28, 2011

What happened to Air France Flight 447...?

I don't usually like to post anything that might be a "downer" on my blog, but this one grabbed my attention a while ago.
Ever since Air France Flight 447 went down over the Atlantic on 01 June 2009, I have followed reports of all the investigations into the cause of the crash.

Investigators have been putting together information gained from the "black boxes" of the ill-fated flight, which were recently recovered among the remains of the Airbus A330 on the sea bed, roughly 7 miles from the spot where ATC lost contact with the aircraft that night.

Read all about it here:

Maybe it's just a morbid fascination of mine, but I always like to hear what causes air crashes, and what airlines and aircraft manufacturers have done since, in order to make aviation that much safer.
I am also in no way qualified to talk about how to fly a plane and other such things, but it's always amazing to read the comments that readers post after articles like the one linked above.

Comments offering scathing criticism for the deceased pilots are rife - ranging from what they should have done, to what they did not do correctly etc. etc.
Sitting in front of ones laptop, quietly reading a neat, bulleted play-by-play of the final moments of such a flight, is surely a far cry from what chaos it must have been for the 3 pilots who were actually giving it 200% to try and save that plane.
Multiple alarms sounding in the cockpit, stall warnings going off, instruments not providing accurate information, and all of this happening at high altitude and speed (not to mention the responsibility of 216 other human lives onboard) - I take my proverbial hat off to these men, who gave it their all, right until the end.

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