Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rocket Shop - The most painless way to buy a Kindle in South Africa...

Kindle this, Kindle that - for years now I have heard family, friends and colleagues talking about the Kindle.

I never really understood what all the hype was about, which is why I started to research the device a bit more earnestly a few months ago.
Finally, after much review-reading and research, I decided to bite the proverbial bullet and become the proud owner of what has to be the most famous E-Book Reader out there.

That was about 2 months ago, at which point I enthusiastically logged onto my account, and proceeded to add 1 x 6" Kindle (3G + WIFI) to my empty cart.
Excellent - just need to specify the payment method and shipping and I should be good to go - right? WRONG!

Trouble is, are really fussy when it comes to delivery in foreign countries.
There are some products that they simply refuse to ship to South Africa - for example they will deliver the Kindle, but not an extra AC Adapter for it. No reason specified.

Then there is the fact that once the product actually arrives in the country 2-3 weeks later, the Post Office will send you a collection slip, and you will need to pay some form of import tax on the delivery - a few hundred rands if I am not mistaken.
It all adds up to a whole lot of complexity and time, for what should be a rather simple purchase.

Thankfully though, there is another way to get your hands on a Kindle in double quick time if you live in South Africa.
Enter Rocket Shop - a locally-based online store who keep stock of the Kindle and selected accessories, and who in my opinion at least, are outdoing themselves by way of great customer service.

I was literally about to finalize my order yesterday, when I stopped for a second and tried to Google for Kindle resellers locally.
Thanks to Rocket Shop, my Kindle was delivered this morning. Unbelievable.

Obviously can supply the Kindle at a lower price, but once you add shipping and local taxes into the mix, you end up in the same price range.
Add next day delivery into the mix, and you have a winning formula.

Apart from the Kindle, Rocket Shop also supply a whole range of other IT-related products (Apple Macs, Laptops, Gadgets, etc.).
Head on over to to view their full product range, and thank you to Lizzy for saving me a mountain of effort and for keeping me updated at every step during the order process :)
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