Monday, June 21, 2010

Scam mails are now targeting FNB...

I had a whackload of posts up previously about email scams going around in an attempt to defraud ABSA and Nedbank customers.
Back then I outlined a few ways to identify suspected "phishing" email that you receive.

Take a look at the latest attempt to defraud FNB customers - it's pretty weak but I am sure it may still fool a few unsuspecting customers...:
As discussed in previous posts, this one contains a few dead giveaway clues as to the decidedly unsavoury intentions behind it:

1. The mail comes from "FNB NATIONAL"... ummm hello scammers - who is FNB NATIONAL? The bank is called FNB. Get with the program.
2. Check out this cool grammar: "...Our Internet Banking is in the process of Implementing System Upgrade...". Would love to know where these guys learnt English.
3. How about this one: "...and interact with certain Pages and elements regard our Internet Banking...". Nice. The work of a genius no doubt.
4. ...and the nail in the coffin - the embedded link goes to: - clearly not a legitimate FNB site, and one which Firefox dismisses as being dodgy anyway.

So if you have been following my posts about this subject, you should know the guidelines about staying safe when dealing with these dodgies - stick to it and don't let your guard down.


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