Friday, June 18, 2010

Does Google Chrome sometimes resist your efforts to Paste text...?

A common problem I come across in Google Chrome (which is a sterlingly good browser), is that it often disallows the pasting of text into a textbox on a site that is being displayed.
For example, if you are using Chrome to access a webmail facility like Gmail, Hotmail etc., and you want to paste something into the body of an email, you may find that Chrome simply refuses to paste anything at all.

I guess this must relate back to a security setting, which quite honestly I have not taken the time to research fully.

Instead, I discovered a nifty workaround to the problem - simply use "CTRL + SHIFT + V" instead of the conventional "CTRL + V" - this allows you to paste without any text formatting, and Chrome does not seem to mind one little bit :)


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