Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The FIFA debate continues...

Between radio, TV, people around me and media in general, one of the main topics that is currently on tongue-tips seems to be the errors and controversial decisions that the FIFA refs are making during this soccer world cup.

Yup, you know all about it by now - I was going to put up the FIFA logo here but I dare not, for fear of persecution à la Kulula...!

The bottom line is that there have been some shocker decisions in games played during this world cup - sure it's nothing new. Refs are human, and they miss things, or they get it wrong sometimes.
Soccer aficionados will be quick to point out that "it has always been like that",
or "that's just the way the game is"...

Come on - if "that's just the way the game is", then why bother even watching?
Why bother supporting a sport which is clearly unfair?
The other argument is that the use of technology in the game to assist refs "would not stay true to the game..." or some other generic bull.
Honestly, this is the frikkin FIFA WORLD CUP guys! This is one of the biggest sporting events on the planet and FIFA can't pull their finger out to make the sport credible?

Here's a thought - FIFA should use a panel of TV-refs, and for every suspected goal scored, the ref gets a message in his earpiece - goal / no goal. End of story.
Forget fouls, penalties and the like - purely for goals. At the end of the day goals are probably the most controversial point here - need I even mention the Germany vs. England game this weekend...? :)



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