Friday, May 28, 2010

FIFA still offline for ticket sales...

So I spent the better part of this morning playing the waiting game at several FNB branches - some had no ticket application forms, others had forms but it was no use since the FIFA ticketing system has been offline the whole day.
I wonder if any tickets at all have been sold today?
FNB Park Meadows ran out of these babies... not good when you have a horde of soccer-crazed fans at your door!

After witnessing some "mob-mentality" style tactics at FNB Park Meadows (people went crazy when they realised there were only 25 ticket application forms available... first grab first get :)), I decided to head off elsewhere before it got too hectic.
Waiting my turn @ FNB Park Meadows

...and more waiting...

Thankfully things were more civilized in Primrose, where the FNB staff even brought out mints and cooldrinks for those of us patiently waiting for FIFA to get their butts out of the gutter...
FNB staff served cooldrinks to patient ticket-wanting-customers :)

Kudos to FNB for trying to ease what could become a tense situation - people get pretty worked up around events like this, especially when their prized tickets are on the line.

The system went online for literally about 4 seconds, and everybody sprang up as if Bafana Bafana had just scored the winner in the Final... and then it all died again :)

Fun times! :)


  1. Seems that by around 14:30 today, things started to move slowly.
    FNB branches were getting through about one application every 10 minutes or so...

    Still no news on the FIFA Online Ticketing though, which has been down the whole day.