Sunday, April 13, 2014

Whatever happened to the COOL Kinder toys?

This is probably going to sound like one of those "When I was your age..." type stories, but for those of you who know what I am on about, it will make sense :)
Kinder Surprise eggs were a huge part of my childhood - they were a treat to be enjoyed on 2 fronts - the awesome tasting chocolate egg, and of course the great toy inside the egg.

kinder surprise
kinder surprise (Photo credit: black.zack00)
I still don't know why we don't see the original chocolate eggs in the shops here in Johannesburg - instead we now get Kinder Joy, which quite frankly is no match for the original Kinder Surprise - you don't get the chocolate egg, and I have to say that the toys nowadays are pretty lame to boot.

Although mine are all probably packed away or donated to a worthy cause by now, I can still remember a selection of some of the nifty gadgets I used to get in Kinder eggs as a kid:

- friction-driven cars and trucks;
- tiny airplanes;
- cool mini action figurines; name but a few.
They were just cool toys, and as kids, we played with them and they lasted.
Today however, we get this:

Which is... what exactly?
Well according to the instructions, it is supposed to be a tracing toy of some type, with a vague Smurfs theme.
I even tried to humour them on this one, but I didn't get very far.
Maybe my patience levels just aren't up to scratch, or maybe my boredom levels went into meltdown with the prospect of such a mind-blowingly fun activity, when all I really wanted was a cool racing car or something along those lines. Must be the kid in me!

So in the unlikely event that anyone from Ferrero happens to read this - I would love to know why South Africa doesn't get Kinder Surprise eggs anymore, and why the toys inside the eggs are just not what they used to be?
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