Thursday, April 10, 2014

Are your Adsense adverts not showing up in Chrome..? Here is an unlikely fix...

As you may have noticed if you have visited Nybbles and Bytes before, we have just undergone some major cosmetic alterations.
Now a key part of blogging is often the ability to monetize the blog, which essentially means finding a way for the blog to generate revenue.
Writing about stuff is great and all, but getting money for it 'aint half bad either.

One of the most well known ways to monetize a blog is via Google's Adsense, whereby you allow Google to place contextually relevant adverts on your blog, and they in turn pay you for views or clicks of the advert on your blog.
The higher your traffic, the more ad views and clicks. Simple.

Trouble is, if your ads aren't showing up correctly in people's browsers, then they aren't reaching their audience, so you may be losing a ton of potential views or clicks.
While busy with my latest template update, I noticed that my Adsense ads were there in Internet Explorer, but were mysteriously absent in Chrome...
Oddly, they were also absent when I viewed my blog on a colleague's PC.

So after much troubleshooting, hair tugging, Googling and HTML scanning (and my HTML skills are super basic at best...), I found myself venturing into the Extensions section of my Chrome settings, and nestling in there I found this little blighter:

Lo and bloody behold, disabling this critter sorted out the issue.
Now Avast Antivirus is, and has been my default go-to security solution for many years, but this little piece of weaponry is no longer required in my arsenal, thank you very much!

Hope this helps you out if you have experienced a similar problem...

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