Saturday, February 11, 2012

Symbian Belle has landed...

After much speculation and patience from local Nokia smartphone owners, the long-awaited Symbian Belle update is now available for download via Nokia Suite, for phones that launched with the Symbian^3 platform.

Nokia Suite popped up on my laptop a few minutes ago with the screen above, according to which we can expect the following updates / improvements / changes to the existing OS:

- Six home screens which can be easily personalised with enhanced widgets (currently there are only 3 home screens, and for me that has been fine up until now, so I am not quite sure what I am going to do with the 3 new homescreens just yet...)

- Smoother and simpler menus for easier navigation (not that this has ever been a problem on my E7)

- Dozens of other new and improved features... (will have to play around with Belle a bit once the update is done to find out what these are!)

Regardless of any negative press from the anti-Symbian brigade, you gotta hand it to Nokia for supporting the Symbian OS so well.
Symbian has certainly had its day, but even though Nokia have now firmly pledged themselves to the Windows Mobile platform, they still continue to push out regular, meaningful updates to their existing devices.

My E7 has just got better and better since the day I got it - keep 'em coming Nokia!
If you have done the Belle update on your phone, please comment here to let us know how if the new update is working well for you.

p.s. Phones that are affected by this update are the Nokia N8, E7, X7, C7, E6, C6-01 and Nokia Oro.


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