Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's raining cats and dogs in JHB... watch out you don't step in a poodle... :)

Ok ok I know that joke was totally lame, and right now I imagine that a whole whack of people just unsubscribed from my blog due to shockingly bad humour...

Lightning is a highly visible form of energy t...Image via Wikipedia

Regardless, Johannesburg is getting its first real taste of summer rain.
Complete with crazy lightning and booming thunder, all hell broke loose a few hours ago on the Highveld as the fury of the heavens was unleashed.
Thankfully, this means more green and less brown in our scenery.

On the downside (Part I), we now have seriously slippery roads to contend with (especially after these first showers), so exercise extra caution on the roads and give yourself just a bit more space to brake in an emergency.

On the downside (Part II), IT Consultants like myself are now called upon (usually frantically) in cases of lightning damage - something that we know about all too well.
Let's face it - if your PC / Mac / ADSL modem / Printer / [Insert IT Gadget Here] has been zapped by lightning, all you can really do is hope that your data is still intact.
Motherboards, RAM, printers and modems can all be replaced, but data is a different story.

So if you are one of those souls reading this right now who does nothing to backup their data, you had better get in touch with me to arrange a decent external hard drive to store all of your valuable data on!

Summer really is the best time of the year, as long as people drive properly, and as long as lightning leaves our computers alone :)

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