Tuesday, July 26, 2011

You gotta love Telkom...

Here in South Africa, we are truly blessed to have a company called Telkom controlling all things ADSL... ;)
If you want ADSL for your home / office, well you need a landline to start with, and the only guys who provide that are... yup - Telkom!

Sure you can always opt for Neotel, who at launch, were supposed to be the official competitors to Telkom, but their service is wireless and does not rely on a physical copper cable in the ground, hence it is not ADSL and does not quite match up in terms of speed and stability.

Dealing with Telkom though, as many locals will testify, can be somewhat trying at times.
Take for example, this priceless screenshot of a failed ADSL self-installation...

Success!!! You failed!!!
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