Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Has the fuel workers strike in South Africa changed the way you drive...?

The past 2 weeks have been an interesting time for motorists on South African roads.
Fuel supplies at most petrol stations have been stretched to breaking point and beyond, with a kind of petrol panic setting in as cars, motorbikes and trucks all started to run dry last week. (for my readers from the USA: petrol = "gas" :)

I won't harp on about the strike though - the news is bludgeoning this topic to death as it is.
What I am on about here though, is how the shortage of fuel has affected the driving style of motorists on our roads.

I for one, have become a driving Saint overnight... if there is such a thing.
Geez... I am coasting in neutral on downhills, keeping my revs down in every gear and generally driving like a granny (no offence intended Grannies... ;)

I see though that petrol stations are slowly starting to get their supplies up again - perhaps the panic phase has now passed.
In a way it's a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy kind of thing going on - a strike happens, shortages are predicted, everyone starts going crazy which depletes the petrol stations more than normal, and voila... you have a shortage.

Do you find yourself driving differently now that the fuel strike is on the go...?
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  1. Fuel saving tip : leaving the car in gear and running against compression down a hill uses less petrol than coasting down a hill. In fact, it uses almost no petrol at all #justsaying

  2. @Anonymous - Thx for that - I was actually wondering if that helped, and you cleared it up for me :)