Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Who watched The Mentalist finale...?

If you watch "The Mentalist", and enjoy the antics of the ever cryptic lead character Patrick Jane, then tonight's Season 3 Finale would not have disappointed.

We all knew that the whole story revolved around Patrick Jane wanting to get his hands on his nemesis Red John, but how brilliant was this episode when it all came together???
I was left thinking that the series must surely now be over, but a little digging online reveals that the show has in fact been renewed for a Fourth Season, which will reportedly start in the USA sometime in September this year.

How on earth is this now going to pan out I wonder?
Without giving anything away (for those who have not yet seen the Season 3 Finale), how many avenues could the shows' creator, Bruno Heller, possibly explore after such an intense ending to this season?

Honestly, wow.

...and if you want to watch that incredible end scene again where Patrick Jane finally comes face to face with Red John, here it is, courtesy of CBS:

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