Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Who makes the best pizza in JHB?

Now that's a blog post title to get people talking - after all, when it comes to pizza, EVERYONE has an opinion :)
So first off, for all the Italian readers out there, "my Nonna" is not a valid answer in this case :)
It's restaurants that I am talking about here...

When I was but a wee lad, I did not know a whole lot about pizza, but I sure loved the stuff.
Back then, in my opinion at least, the Apple Bite Roadhouse in Edenvale was the king of pizza making :)
Admittedly, I have not eaten anything from the Apple Bite in years, so I cannot speak for their quality now.

Enough with the reminiscing.
As all pizza-loving humans know, when the pizza-hunger-bug strikes, it does so with a vengeance.
The pizza-hunger-bug takes no prisoners, and it demands immediate and complete satisfaction.

Not wanting to upset the pizza-hunger-bug then, I have in my time sampled these savoury circular Italian treats from many different spots in JHB - and here in the commercial capital of South Africa, we are most definitely spoilt for choice on that front...!

Off the top of my noggin then (in my humble, non-chef kind of way) the following places come to mind...:

- Nonna Mia (Bedfordview, Senderwood, Illovo) - a great pizza experience - although the non-traditional rectangular shape may catch you off guard :)

- Mimmo's (all over JHB) - generally tasty and good quality, although this can be branch-dependent.

- O'Crumbs (formerly in Sunnyrock, JHB) - no longer in operation, but they deserve a mention for what was once their consistently good quality, 24 hours a day. Boy oh boy - pizza at 3am in the morning on the way home after a night out... 'aint nuttin better than that!

Please understand that this has to be the most brief list ever compiled - as you read this I am sure that a million pizza places are popping up in your head, but I just wanted to put a few out there.
The title of this post, however, asks who in fact makes the best pizza in JHB...

Again, this is only my opinion, and I am no chef, nor am I a pizza connoisseur of any kind.
To answer this burning, and indeed critical question, I must cast my mind back a while, to when I first saw the words "Primi Piatti" tattooed onto the side of a building somewhere...
My first impression of Primi Piatti (Italian for "first dish") was that of a trendy hangout, designed for and geared towards a young, upwardly mobile generation of go-getters who enjoy getting tanked after a day of corporate ping pong at the office.
For that reason, I never really took an interest to the franchise, and so I continued on my merry, blissfully naive journey in the world of pizza eating.

It was only recently, that for some or other reason I decided to pop into the Stoneridge branch of Primi (known as Primi Fusion), for a good old Regina pizza.
Not expecting terribly much, you can imagine my most pleasant surprise and amazement, when I discovered what I would call the best pizza I have eaten in years, inside what is a rather average-looking pizza box :)

I am not sure what their secret is, but in terms of flavour, base thickness and crispiness, consistency between branches and generally excellent quality, Primi Piatti are certainly doing something right.
So much so, in fact, that I do not even think twice anymore, when that little pizza-hunger-bug dude shows up on my doorstep... Primi Primi Primi!
The mark of good pizza!

Not wanting to upset anybody though, I would love for you all to comment here if you know of any incredible pizza places / restaurants etc. in JHB (or anywhere else for that matter...!:).
Hey, who knows - you may find yourself stranded sometime, somewhere on the far East Rand near Nigel, far away from the nearest Primi Piatti, but urgently in need of a pizza fix... 

Let's help those needy people and get a list of great pizza spots going here :)
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