Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Pick 'n Pay store now open in Orchards...

If you work or live in Orange Grove, Orchards or Norwood, there is now a conveniently situated Pick 'n Pay store open on the corner of Louis Botha Avenue and Louis Road, Orchards.
Situated right next door to the 24 Carrots Event Design building, the store opened at the end of November, and it is great if you don't want to visit Norwood Mall but still need to stock up on some basic groceries.

Pop in sometime!


  1. Cash withdrawal at ATM - Standard Bank - Security lacking.
    Withdrew R200 between 1230 & on 23.4.14.

    Mistakenly walked away without collecting cash and slip.

    When approached by Security they did not know how to assist me.

    Security lacking at ATM's!! in store

    1. So did you approach security, or did they approach you?

      Did you leave the cash behind, and upon returning it was gone...?

  2. I went there to withdraw money a couple of times as a Nedbank customer, they always don’t have cash ask for help from the branch manager he said he will attend to chatted to someone came back and told me he forgot about me. They always put the wrong price tacks when you go pay the product is not on promotion or it’s a price for different product.