Monday, August 2, 2010

Blogger in Draft allows for multiple image uploads

I am finding all kinds of new Google-y things out this week - the latest tidbit I picked up for Blogspot bloggers, is that Blogger in Draft offers the ability to upload multiple images at a time.

This has always been a pet peeve of mine as regards Blogger - if you ever wanted to upload a stack of images, in the past you had to do it one a time. Painful stuff!

Check it out - the ability to select multiple image files to upload is a huge time-saver for bloggers everywhere:

If you use Blogger for your own blog, you can access Blogger in Draft at
Just login as you normally would, and you will now be presented with the Blogger in Draft interface instead of the normal Blogger interface.
You can also opt to make this your default option, as I have done - this means that I can access any new "Draft" features from Google, before they are officially released.

Super cool.
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