Thursday, January 7, 2010

Aaaaah The Maldives... OMG is that an island made entirely from trash???

The Maldives... the mere mention of the name conjures up images like these:

Wow what an amazing place - crystal clear seas, not a wave in sight... paradise!
Except for one little thing called "Thilafushi", and it 'aint so little either.

Thilafushi is an attempt at the solution to the ever-growing waste problem of the Maldives' capital city, MalĂ©.
Since 1992, rubbish has been shipped to the island and dumped into its' lagoon. The island today covers an area of 124 acres and is growing at a rate of 1 square metre per day, and it looks like this:

So there you have it - a little-known feature of the Maldives which has certainly made me think a bit differently about the place, and about the way we live in general.
To think that every tourist produces 3.5kg of rubbish and requires 500 litres of water a day...!!


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