Friday, October 2, 2009

No more dirty escalator handrails!

Don't you just love clinging onto those handrails when you use an escalator?
Ever wonder what may be clinging to you...?

Not a pretty thought - probably thousands of people use escalators in malls, airports and shopping centres daily. Now as much as I have faith in the personal hygiene of the average Joe Soap (no pun intended), those handrails just feel downright grotty.

Enter Greenburst - These clever folks have come up with a handrail sanitzer, which is now being used worldwide, as well as in malls right here in JHB. Their first South African installation is at Eastgate Shopping Centre.
The technology uses U.V. rays, which (apparently) kill 99% of all micro-organisms (apologies to all you good germs out there... you're going down!!)

The system also features an audio-visual component, whereby messages or adverts can be relayed to shoppers using a large LCD screen built into the unit.
Emergency broadcasts can also be uploaded to the screens to alert shoppers and passers-by, using the built-in wireless network.

What will they think of next...??