Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's official! People are seriously worried about escalator handrail hygiene...!

Ok so it's not REALLY official... but I was checking on my Blog visitor stats today on Google Analytics, and it made for some interesting reading.
The numbers aren't huge as my blog is still new and still gaining momentum, but nonetheless they do indicate that my post on Escalator Handrail Sanitizers is the most viewed part of Nybbles and Bytes (excluding the landing page):

1. / 153 84
2. /2009/10/no-more-dirty-escalator-handrails.html 30
3. /2009/10/free-flash-animated-tag-cloud-for.html 18
4. /2009/10/n97-firmware-should-be-here-this-week.html 18
5. /2009/09/nokia-to-release-next-firmware-update.html 11
6. /2009/10/who-or-what-is-global-verge-are-we-on.html 11
7. /2009/10/dont-you-just-love-free-software-grab.html 10
8. /2009/10/its-gonna-be-big-week-for-windows.html 7
9. /2009/09/winston-pigeon-vs-telkom-whats-your.html 6

So firstly, why is this is the case and secondly, what does it mean?
To answer:

1. Not entirely sure... but next time you visit a shopping centre, watch as the people around you cling to the escalator handrails for dear life, completely naive to the fact that there could be millions, no trillions... no even better - ESCALARILLIONS* of tiny little critters cruising up and down those handrails, just waiting for some unsuspecting human hand to hitch a ride with...
With that nice image in mind, I suppose it does kinda make sense that people would want to know more about a product which makes escalator handrails a cleaner place to be :)

2. Not much, except that companies who are in the Escalator Handrail Cleaning business are going to be pretty busy in years to come!

* - "Escalarillions" is not a real word, nor does it refer to an actual number. :)


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