Friday, September 11, 2009

Powerline - setup a LAN without any of the cabling hassles...

So you want to setup a LAN at your home or office...

You don't want to go to the trouble of drilling holes, balancing precariously in the ceiling, getting pretty dirty, burning your skin off on the glue gun etc... you get the idea!

You also can't use Wireless because the walls are too thick, you have multiple levels / storeys etc... again, you get the idea!

Enter Powerline - something I only recently came across on the net.
Several manufacturers offer a similar product, but for this post I have chosen to use D-Link as an example.

To quote the D-Link Website:


Powerline and Coax Adapters upgrade your power and cable wires so you can use them to transmit network data in addition to power or cable. Instead of adding new wires to your network, take advantage of your home's infrastructure and connect devices using these adapters.

How amazing is that??
In plain English:

- plug a Powerline adapter into a power point in your home / office;
- plug the other end into your LAN router / switch;
- plug another adapter into any other powerpoint(s) in your home / office, and then plug the other end into your PC / Mac / Laptop etc..
- Voila! Instant LAN!

Check it out:

What will they think of next???


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