Monday, September 14, 2009

Nokia to release next Firmware update for the N97

One of my biggest reasons for supporting Nokia is the fact that they listen to their customers, by releasing frequent software updates for their new phones.

Barely a month after the update for the N97, a new one is in the pipeline for October '09, and it is being punted as quite a biggie by Nokia.
Some of the new features and improvements include:

- kinetic scrolling in contacts, menus and elsewhere. For those of you who do not know what kinetic scrolling is, it is the ability to flick through a list on your screen, rather than using a traditional scrollbar.
- new memory allocation, freeing up 20-30MB in the system memory
- visually enhanced music player and photo viewer
- improved keyboard functionality; holding down a key for 1 second will activate the alternative character
- new homescreen widgets
- upgraded OVI Maps
- support for VOIP

Good work Nokia - an already awesome phone is about to get even better!


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